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An educational consultant invoice is a document used for requesting payment for services provided by an educational consultant to a school/program which may include training, certifications, educational philosophy, classroom management, and more.

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What is an Educational Consultant?

An educational consultant is a person who typically works for an education consulting firm. They have in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of how a school operates. An educational consultant would have expertise in managing the various levels of schooling including kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools (college prep), and colleges/universities. An educational consultant can be hired to help found a new school, to develop and coach current teachers and faculty, and/or to provide recruitment services on a local, national, or global scale. Overall, an educational consultant will offer guidance to investors and school operators about starting and managing a school or educational program.

Education Consultant Jobs

An educational consultant is usually someone who has past experience working in a school. Having the combination of past teaching and management (for example, a school principal) experience makes for a solid candidate to be an educational consultant. It’s often the case that previous teachers and employees of schools end up becoming consultants for that same school in the future. A consultant is anyone who has a certain area of expertise in education and with that knowledge they can provide help to others and get paid for their services.

  • Educational Consultant Jobs Near Me – Indeed offers a list of current consulting (education) jobs in the United States.
  • Be Your Own Consultant – If you think you can be your own educational consultant, you’ll need to create your own LLC to offer your services.

Types of Education Consultant Jobs:

  • Administrative – Handles the business side of a school (tuition, teacher payroll, taxes, billing, etc.)
  • Teaching Sector – Offer guidance pertaining to what goes on inside the classroom. Find, certify, and hire teachers for schools.

Education Consultant Salary

  • Hourly Rate: $22.44 (source: BLS)
  • Salary: $46,680 (source: BLS)