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Educational Consultant Invoice Template

An educational consultant invoice is a document requesting payment for services provided by an educational consultant to a school/program which may include training, certifications, educational philosophy, classroom management, etc.

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What is an Educational Consultant?

An educational consultant is a person who typically works for an education consulting firm. They know the ins and outs of how a school operates. An educational consultant would have expertise in managing the various levels of schooling including kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools (college prep) and colleges. An educational consultant can be hired to help create a new school, to develop and coach current teachers and faculty, and/or to provide recruitment services on a national or global scale.

Overall, an educational consultant will give guidance to investors and school operators about starting and managing a school or an educational program.

Education Consultant Jobs

An educational consultant is usually someone who has past experience working in a school. Having the combination of past teaching and management (for example, a school principal) experience makes for a solid candidate to be an educational consultant. It’s often the case that previous teachers and employees of schools end up becoming consultants for that same school in the future. A consultant is anyone who has a certain area of expertise in education and with that knowledge they can provide help to others and get paid for their services.

  • Educational Consultant Jobs Near Me – Indeed offers a list of current consulting (education) jobs in the United States.
  • Be Your Own Consultant – If you think you can be your own educational consultant, you’ll need to be create your own LLC to offer your services.

Types of Education Consultant Jobs:

  • Administrative – Handling the business side of a school (tuition, teacher payroll, taxes, billing etc.)
  • Teaching Sector – Give guidance pertaining to what goes on inside the classroom. Find, certify and hire teachers for schools.

Education Consultant Salary

Hourly Rate: $22.44

Salary: $46,680

(source: BLS)



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