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Freelance Consultant Invoice Template

A freelance consultant invoice is a form detailing freelance consulting services that are ready for payment by a client. This invoice can be sent digitally or it can be mailed to the client and should include the company name, description, amount, date, and invoice number.

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What is a Freelance Consultant?

A freelance consultant is a person who has expertise in a particular field or profession. Freelance consulting has boomed within the last few years due to the available jobs offered via the internet and the ability to find and connect with skilled professionals across the globe. Almost anyone who has extensive knowledge about computers, programming, writing, photo and video editing, etc. may easily find work online as a freelance consultant, depending upon their expertise. Many individuals become freelance consultants because they would rather work independently rather than for large corporate consulting firms. Freelance consultants mostly work on a per-job or hourly basis and typically work on short-term tasks for a range of clientele.

How to Find Freelance Consultants

There are many online communities that feature freelance consultants for hire. In many freelance domains, freelancers can post their services and make themselves available to anyone who needs part-time work. Most freelancers have a list of reviews for jobs they have completed in the past, which makes it easy for the customer to filter the most qualifying people. Websites that cater to these communities make it possible to send and receive payments securely for billing, but many do charge a service fee. Below are the top websites to find a freelance consultant:

  • Fiverr – Originally started as a marketplace where every service only cost $5. Now it’s one of the top freelance marketplaces for entrepreneurs needing help to build their business.
  • Upwork – An online community for businesses and independent professionals to hire freelancers for any industry.
  • Freelancer – Caters to freelancers who specialize in web development, graphic design, internet marketing, and mobile apps.

When a job is completed, it’s important to obtain an invoice from the freelancer. Doing so helps ensure that 1099s can be easily prepared at tax time.

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