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The information technology (IT) consultant invoice is issued by an individual that is hired on behalf of a company to give advice about their network and infrastructure. In recent times, businesses have been moving from their own local networks to cloud-based setups. IT consultants are able to give an overview of a company’s wants and needs in order to make an accurate decision based on the company’s future plans. An IT consultant is someone who should, at a minimum, have five (5) years experience in the industry.

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What is an IT Consultant?

An IT consultant is someone who performs an audit of a business’s computer networks and systems. The main goal of an IT consultant is to allow access to all the employees and members of an organization while maintaining security. The consultant will review all aspects of the network including permissions, entry, encryption, and accessibility. Many IT consultants presently are being hired by companies restructuring their internal databases to leverage cloud-based apps which offer better security and fewer costs.

IT Consultant Certifications

An IT Consultant is commonly someone who has been self-taught or did not receive formal education for their job description. Therefore, IT consultants can vary widely in their talents despite having the same title. Regardless of the consultant’s education, they should receive certifis important that by a third (3rd) party organization.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Associate & Professional

Certifications Available:  Developer (associate), Solution Architect (associate + professional), SysOps Admin (associate), and DevOps Engineer (professional).

  • Website:
  • Members: 30,000+ (as of September 17, 2016)
  • Requirements: 130 minute exam for asscoiate and 170 minutes for professional.
  • Dues: $150 for associate and $300 for professional.

Institute of Management Consultants (IMCUSA)

  • Website:
  • Members: 10,000+
  • Requirements: Varies by the type of certification.
  • Dues: $495 + $50 application fee

IT Consultant Salary & Hourly Rate ($/hr)

  • Salary: $77,529/yr (source: PayScale)
  • Hourly Pay: $34.36/hr (source: PayScale)

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) Certification – Salary

  • Salary: $121,288/yr (source: Forbes)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Associate & Professional – Salary

  • Salary: $131,605/yr (source: Forbes)