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Flooring Contractor Invoice Template

A flooring contractor invoice is a form generated by a company (contractor) performing a flooring installation which details all services and materials that are due payment.

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What is a Flooring Contractor?

A flooring contractor is either an individual or company hired (independently) to take on a flooring job. A good flooring contractor is a company that has a strong reputation, solid history of experience and follows industry standards. They should only be hired if they have insurance and a warranty in case anything were to go wrong on the job. The most common types of flooring jobs that contractors perform are:

  • Commercial
  • Hardwood
  • Concrete
  • Epoxy

Flooring contractors are responsible for measuring and cutting material (wood or carpeting) to match a floor’s dimension. Hiring a contractor to perform a floor job is a wise decision as it involves dangerous work if not prepared or well educated. When installing hardwood, sanding is normally performed which causes a dust like substance to become airborne that is dangerous to a person’s lungs if not wearing the right protective gear.

Flooring Contractors Near Me

Flooring contractors can’t be seen in plain sight as most do not have store fronts or glamorous offices. Like many other odd businesses, a search online is a good starting place to find a flooring contractor in your local area.

  • Flooring Contractors Near Me – By using this search term, you can find flooring contractors if you have your location services turned on within your device (mobile phone or computer).

How Much Do Flooring Contractors Make?

There is no degree required to become a flooring contractor. One can become a flooring contractor through experience as a subcontractor. After years of experience, one can start their own flooring contractor company and make a good living. From the statistics below, one can expect to make anywhere from 40k – 50k per year as a flooring contractor.

Floor Sanders and Finishers – Salary: $39,890 | Hourly Wage: $19.18

Floor Layers – Salary: $46,760 | Hourly Wage: $22.48

Carpet Installers – Salary: $44,550 | Hourly Wage: $21.42

Tile and Marble Setters – Salary: $45,950 | Hourly Wage: $22.09

(Sources: U.S. BLS)



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