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Roofing Contractor Invoice Template

A roofing contractor invoice specifies what a customer, be it an individual or business, is required to pay, the payment terms (due dates), and the services for which they are paying. A roofing invoice is more professional than a basic bill and can be sent to the customer digitally.

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What Does a Roofing Contractor Do?

A roofing contractor (also called a “roofer”) works on repairing, maintaining, and replacing residential and commercial roofs. Roofers that are contractors likely hold state-required licenses or certifications from verifiable entities. Being that roofers are a type of construction worker, they have expertise in an assortment of tools, which they use to install metal, tile, wood shake, asphalt shingles, or slate roofing.

Average Roof Material Costs

The typical method of charging for roof removal and installation is by “squares,” according to Angie’s List. With this method, a square is commonly a ten (10) by ten (10) foot patch, with the average residential home requiring anywhere between twenty-two (22) to thirty-four (34) squares.

Depending on the type of roofing to be installed, the complexity of removing the old roof, and the angle at which the roof was built, the price per “square” varies significantly. According to HomesAdvisor.com, the average roofing costs per material are as follows:

Metal Roofs

  • Metal roof w/shingle look: $275 to $375 per square
  • Metal sheets: $100 to $200 per square
  • Standing seam: $400 to $700 per square

Tile Roofs

  • Concrete: $150 to $250 per square
  • Slate: $500 to $1700 per square
  • Clay: $300 to $600 per square

Shake Roofing

  • Cedar: $400 per square
  • Wood: $350 per square
  • Composite: $325 per square

Roofing Contractor Salary & Hourly Pay ($/hr)

  • Salary: $39,970/yr
  • Hourly Rate: $19.22/hr

(Source: United States Bureau of Labor Statistics)



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