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Flora Design Invoice Template

A flora design invoice is used by companies that design, teach, or even tattoo flower (floral) arrangements for customers.

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What is Floral Design?

Floral (also known as flora) design is the skill of artfully putting together floral arrangements. In the most traditional sense, floral designers are educated about flowers that complement each other in both beauty and smell. Floral design can be applied to many other things besides actual flowers, such as floral design found in tattoos, nails, dresses, handbags, and drawings. The majority of floral designers work for florist companies, which are businesses that sell floral arrangements for special occasions (such as birthdays, valentine’s day, etc.), and weddings.

Floral Design Classes

There are no state or national laws requiring a person to obtain a degree or even a certification to become a floral designer, but certification is recommended at a minimum. Most people who fall into the trade do so with no prior knowledge. For those wanting to learn, one can find classes in any part of the country. Attending classes and earning a certification typically costs under $1,000 altogether.

Floral Designer Salary and Hourly Pay ($/hr)

There are currently just over 43,000 floral designers employed in the United States. The information in the table below is provided by BLS, which details the top and bottom earnings for floral designers.

PercentileHourly WageAnnual Salary
Bottom 10% $9.30 $19,350
Bottom 25% $10.85 $22,560
Median 50% $13.08 $27,200
Top 75% $16.23 $33,760
Top 90% $19.30 $40,140



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