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A nurse invoice is a document used by medical professionals (licensed nurses, known as RNs, and assistants) to collect payment when administering home or in-patient care. Caregivers and other medical professionals are welcome to use this invoice when billing patients.

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What is a Nurse?

A nurse, otherwise known as a registered nurse (RN), is a state licensed medical professional allowed to practice nursing. A nurse is someone who has completed the required educational program required by their state and passed their state’s license exam (from the state board). Besides education and licensing requirements, nurses are held to a standard of good behavior which can be hard to uphold when dealing with difficult patients. A nurse practitioner is not the same as a nurse. A nurse practitioner, or NP, is someone who has earned a masters or a doctorate degree in nursing. A NP is qualified to administer care and diagnose certain medical issues for patients that normal nurses (RNs) are not qualified to handle.

Types of Nurses (by Popularity)

  • Registered Nurse – The nurse type that requires the minimum amount of requirements and which also employs the majority of nurses working in the field.
  • Nurse Practitioner – A nurse that either has a master’s degree in nursing (MSM) or a doctor of nursing degree (DNP).  A nurse practitioner is the highest of the qualified nurses in the nursing profession.
  • Nurse Anesthetist – An advanced nurse who is licensed to administer anesthetics to patients, which is a drug that numbs pain.
  • Neonatal Nurse – A nurse that specializes in caring for infant babies from 0-2 years old.
  • Pediatric nurse – A nurse that specializes in caring for young children.
  • Travel Nurse – Any type of nurse that does not work in a permanent setting like a hospital. Nurses that worth with sports teams or work with high profile politicians that always need a nurse on staff may qualify as a travel nurse.

Nursing Jobs

In order to be a nurse, one needs to go to a qualified nursing program to start their journey. Afterwards, they will need to become licensed in order to begin finding a job

  • American Association of Nurse Practitioners – A great source of information whether you are a student or an already existing nurse when trying to find job placement.
  • Local Hospital – Call your local hospital, nursing is a profession where there is always a shortage of nurses.

Nurse Salary

How much do nurses make? Check out below to find out.

  • Salary: $75,510
  • Hourly Rate: $36.30