Computer Parts (ONLY) Invoice Template

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A computer parts invoice is a product-only invoice used for listing the parts purchased by a consumer or business customer and the total outstanding balance that they are required to pay within an established timeframe. An invoice is a document very similar to a bill in that it contains a list of items charged, the amount of time the customer has to pay before late fee(s) are issued, and the contact information of both the seller and buyer.

Major Parts of a Computer

Although computers vary in complexity, price, and performance, their basic structure and method of operation are all very similar. The following make up the major parts of a modern computer (note that each part can be further broken down into more descriptive parts – the following is an overview only):

  • Motherboard – The central hub that connects all internal components. It contains the ports that allow a user to connect USBs, external audio, and monitors, to name a few.
  • Memory (RAM) – Short-term memory that is responsible for handling the most upfront and pressing tasks. It works in conjunction with the computer’s memory to load applications and allow the user to jump between already-open programs with ease. The more RAM a user has, the better the computer’s “multi-tasking” ability will be.
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU) – Widely considered as the “brain” of the computer, the CPU is responsible for processing the data handed to it by the RAM. CPUs perform three (3) general functions, which is to fetch, decode, and execute, in that order.
  • Storage (Hard Disk Drive / Solid State Drive) – The hardware that permanently stores a computer’s data. A computer can be equipped with a hard disk and/or solid-state drive. Solid-state memory, while more money, is faster and more robust than it’s hard disk counterpart.
  • Video Card – Also called “graphics cards,” this part connects to the motherboard and is responsible for handling the processing of images to be displayed through a computer monitor. Higher-end graphics cards can handle more complex image rendering, such as 3D display and enhanced graphics.

Average Computer Part Prices

A useful tool for staying up-to-date with the current price trends of computer parts by manufacturer and type is through PCPricePicker’s Price Trends. The service provides price current and past price trends of CPUs, memory cards, monitors, storage, and video cards.