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A dog (pet) sitting invoice is a billing document used by pet sitters and pet sitting companies to collect payment from the owners of domesticated dogs for tending to their food, water, and activity needs while the owner is out of town. Pet Sitters often offer their services on a per-visit basis, with the amount-per-visit based upon the length of the stay and the level of service provided to the animals during their visit. In addition to taking care of the animals, pet sitters can take out the trash, collect mail, water plants, and complete other small errands for those they are pet-sitting for.

Dog Boarding Invoice – To drop off a dog for a short-term period to be cared for. Provides a good social atmosphere for the pet.

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Dog Sitting Average Prices

Coming up with a set of standard rates is the most common pricing method of choice for professional pet sitters. The most important part about setting prices is ensuring the pet sitter’s bills and other expenses are paid while maintaining as a financially competitive choice when compared with other pet sitters in the area. According to, the average rates charged for a variety of visits are as follows:

  • Thirty (30) minute visit: $25/visit
  • Sixty (60) minute visit: $32/visit
  • Overnight: $75 to $85/night

As far as add-on services go, pet sitters can tack on charges for twenty-four (24) hour care, exceptionally far locations, completing home-related tasks, taking care of more than one (1) animal, pet sitting on holidays, and short-notice animal sitting.

Becoming a Certified Pet Sitter

The standard in pet-sitting certifications is the Certified Professional Pet Sitter (CPPS). According to the certification website,, earning the certification demonstrates knowledge of core pet sitting skills, aids in setting standards in the industry, gives pet sitters a means of displaying their commitment to pet sitting, and raises awareness as to the effort required to become a qualified, professional pet sitter.

Facts about the CPPS exam:

  • Passing score: Eighty percent (80%)
  • Time-to-complete: Three (3) hours
  • Cost: $275
  • Retesting fee: $79
  • General Test Domains (Subjects):
    • Pet Care
    • Health, Sanitation, and Safety
    • Business Operations
  • Pre-test Training: Available through PETSIT PRO

Upon passing the CPPS exam, every three (3) years, members will be required to complete thirty (30) hours of continuing education (also called “Continuing Education Units”) and apply for a renewed certification through CPPS.

Dog Sitter Salary & Hourly Rate ($/hr)