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Residential Cleaning Invoice Template

A residential cleaning invoice is a billing instrument used by a cleaning service company to issue a payment request to a customer for cleaning services conducted in a home, condo, or apartment. Any type of cleaner servicing a residential property may use this invoice to collect payment.

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Residential Cleaning Services & Rates

Any type of property that houses residents is a place that can be serviced by residential cleaners. Generally, the larger the property is, the more expensive cleaning services will cost. The cost is based on three (3) primary factors:

  • Number of bedrooms a property contains
  • Number of cleaners needed
  • Hours worked

It’s standard for cleaning companies to add on extra costs if a customer wants laundry done or dishes cleaned. Furthermore, it’s important to disclose if supplies and cleaning tools are included in the price. Some cleaning companies will provide the cleaning supplies but require the customer to possess a vacuum cleaner or Swiffer (mop, broom). Maids that provide on-site cleaning must be bonded and insured in the event of an injury or emergency at a customer’s residential property.

Residential Cleaning Checklist

BathroomKitchenLiving Room / Bedrooms
Disinfect bathtub / shower Clean microwave (inside and out) Change dirty bed sheets
Disinfect sink Clean stove tops Apply new bed sheets and make bed
Clean counter tops Clean refrigerator Dust bedroom bureau and furniture
Disinfect toilet Clean dishwasher clean glass surfaces
Clean mirrors above sink Clean kitchen table Put dirty clothes in hamper or laundry
Empty little trash can Disinfect kitchen sink Take out trash
Clean and double check for human hairs Empty trash Vacuum or mop bedroom floors
Clean shower door / curtain Vacuum or mop kitchen floors
Vacuum or mop bathroom floors
A residential cleaning invoice should include the type of cleaning performed (a package deal or cleaning type), the cost of service, whether cleaning supplies were included, and the total amount due. A cleaning company typically obtains a customer’s payment information prior to the cleaning and is charged after their appointment.

Residential Cleaning Services Near Me

If living in an apartment or condo, ask your landlord for a cleaning service referral. It’s likely that they know a cleaner or a company that can service your residential property. To do an independent search in your local area, type for following into Google or Google Maps for listings of cleaning services near you:

  • “Residential cleaning + ( your city, town, or state)”
  • “Residential cleaning services near me”

House Cleaner Salary and Hourly Pay ($/hr)

  • Salary: $26,900/yr
  • Hourly Rate: $14.75/hr

(source: PayScale)



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