Cleaning Service Invoice Template

A cleaning service invoice is an official bill that is used by a wide range of cleaning professionals to list out rendered services and their associated costs to receive prompt payment from clients. Depending on both the type of cleaning conducted as well as the preferences of the company or individual cleaner, services can be charged on an hourly basis, a per-item cost, or by square footage.

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Cleaning Service Work Order – To be given to a client for authorization before a cleaning service.

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How to Charge for Home Cleaning Services

In the cleaning industry, forming prices and packages that allow for both a healthy profit margin and a loyal set of clients is typically not obvious. The following steps, when followed in order, assist professionals and companies with the price-setting process:

1. Research

It can be argued that no two markets are the same – the competitiveness in a market and the average rates for cleaning can vary significantly from one area to the next. For those just starting out in the cleaning industry or in a new area, conducting research online and over the phone can provide valuable insights to the average pricing methods and rates charged for different types of services. Make it a goal to record the following information before heading to the second step:

  • Average hourly rates (contact at least three (3) companies)
  • Average room (or home) clean times
  • The average home square footage (or room size) of the market that will be targeted

2. Benchmarking

Blindly setting prices without a first-hand understanding of the time it takes to complete said service is a recipe for disaster. To have a true understanding of the average times it will take to clean a room, bathroom, kitchen, or home, these areas will have to be cleaned several times for many different clients. Although the next step dives into pricing, for initial benchmarking, the cleaner can charge a price in-line with the averages that were calculated in step one (1).

3. Prices & Packages

At this point, the cleaning professional or company should understand the average prices in the area and their typical cleaning times for a wide range of room types and homes. In general, there are three (3) pricing methods that are practiced in the industry. There is no one correct way to price a service – and as a cleaner gains experience these pricing methods and rates can be changed to match their experience.

  • Hourly – Charging an hourly rate is the most common method of pricing in the industry. To form prices using this method, take the average hourly rate that was calculated by the market research conducted in the first step. To be competitive in the area, charging a price slightly lower than this average rate is recommended. This price should not be too low, as it can infer to clients that the services provided are of poor quality, and can result in breaking even (or losing money) for certain clients. According to, the average hourly rate for a housekeeper is $20.
  • Square Foot – To charge by the number of square feet, take the data that was recorded from the benchmarking conducted in the second (2nd) step and take the average times it took to complete a certain square footage. Create an average hourly rate (look at “Hourly” above), and attach that hourly rate to the number of square feet.
    • Example: If Cleaner “A” took an average of three (3) hours to clean a 2,400 square foot home, and their hourly rate is $40, it would be $120 for the entire clean. Divide the total dollar amount by the total square footage to calculate the cost per square foot, which would be five (5) cents. (120 / 2400) = $.05. From then on, multiply the number of square feet by the amount of area that needs to be cleaned to calculate the cost of the cleaning job.
  • Price Per Room – Pricing on a room-by-room basis can be very profitable for a cleaning service, and is very attractive for homeowners as they know upfront the cost of the service. However, if the cost per room or home is set too low, this can be very costly for the cleaner. Contrarily, if the cleaner is able to finish the room or home ahead of schedule, the money earned can be significantly greater than a per-hour basis. Typically for seasoned professional cleaners.

Professional Cleaner Salaries

Housekeeper Salary: $26,803/yr (source: Glassdoor) Carpet Cleaning Technician Salary: $34,330/yr (source: Glassdoor) Dry Cleaner Salary: $27,905/yr (source: ZipRecruiter) Window Cleaner Salary: $30,968/yr (source: ZipRecruiter)