Carpet Cleaning Invoice Template

A carpet cleaning invoice is a record of the carpet cleaning services that were provided to a customer along with the individual prices of each. Carpet cleaners can charge for their services in several ways depending on the material of the carpeting, the size of the job, and the cleaning method requested by the customer. Formulating a consistent and honest system for billing customers serves two (2) purposes; it increases the likelihood of repeat customers due to their trust in the service, and it makes end-of-year accounting significantly easier due to each job having an identifying invoice number.

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Carpet Cleaning Work Order – To give an estimate and permission to perform a carpet cleaning.

Types of Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning companies focusing on carpets can utilize several different tools and cleaning methods depending on a variety of factors. As a reference for general methods available, the following cleaning methods are popular choices that can be employed by businesses and freelance cleaners: Hot Water Extraction (Most Common) – Also called “Steam Carpet Cleaning,” the method dissolves embedded dirt within carpets by disturbing it with hot, high pressured water.

  • Pros: Cleans deep into the carpet, uses high temperatures and pressure, and allows for cleaning chemicals to sit in the carpet.
  • Cons: Long drying time and the equipment is expensive to purchase.

Encapsulation (dry cleaning w/ absorbent compound) – With the use of a motorized brush, a powdered cleaning agent is forced into the deepest parts of the carpet. After letting it sit for a set amount of time, it is vacuumed up.

  • Pros: Fast drying time and easy-to-use system.
  • Cons: Powder can build up considerably after several cleaning cycles and can lead to severe dust build-up.

Bonnet Cleaning (cleaning w/ absorbent pad) – Provides a surface-style cleaning where the carpet is first vacuumed, soaked with a chemical solution, and simultaneously scrubbed and absorbed with a rotating pad on an industrial rotary machine.

  • Pros: Works exceptionally well for minimally-soiled carpets. Is fast and easy to use and requires little financial investment.
  • Cons: Does not clean deep into the carpet and can leave dirt and cleaning residues behind.

Foam Dry Carpet Cleaning – A method of dry carpet cleaning that makes use of a chemical agent that turns into a foam when using a rotating tool to scrub carpeting. After scrubbing, the chemical foam is extracted through the use of a vacuum.

  • Pros: Fast, simple, and cheap to use. Utilizes a high-agitation motion and leaves a low amount of moisture after cleaning.
  • Cons: Lower cleaning temperatures and does not allow for thorough extraction below the surface of the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Pricing

In general, there are two (2) main pricing methods cleaning companies can offer for their services; an hourly rate or a price based upon the square footage of the job. Regardless of the pricing method selected, cleaners will need to account for the size of the job being performed, the type of cleaning method utilized, and the type of carpeting material that will need to be cleaned. Because of the different factors, several rates will need to be calculated to ensure each service is profitable on their own.

  • Hourly rate – To determine an hourly rate that both rewards cleaners for the labor they dedicated to the job as well as allows for a competitive position in the market, cleaning companies will need to account for all of the expenses that accrue during each type of offerable service. The cost of the cleaning materials used, the time and fuel dedicated to driving to customers, and the salaries paid to employees are all important factors to consider.
  • Square Footage – Charging by the square foot can provide cleaners with an incentive to complete the job at a faster rate, as the faster the job is completed, the higher the more revenue is earned for the respective time dedicated. When charging by the square footage, it is important to include all factors of the job into the price-per-square-foot to avoid charging transportation and material fees to the customer.

Carpet Cleaner Salary & Hourly Rate ($/hr)

Salary: $33,156/yr (source: Hourly Rate: $14.50/hr (source: Payscale)