Maid Service Invoice Template

A maid service invoice is a document outlining the amount owed for cleaning supplies and/or services. The invoice can be “billed to” which allows the maid to itemize all money owed, or it can be “billed from” allowing the customer to inscribe service details when making payment.

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What is a Maid Service?

A maid service is a company or individual offering cleaning services for purchase. Most maid services are locally served. Larger cleaning companies have a team of maids. When a client books a cleaning time, the next available maid will travel to the location that needs to be serviced. The maid will arrive with the invoice, which also acts as a cleaning checklist, upon arrival to clean. This cleaning invoice template can be used by a cleaning company owner and also residential property owners/renters and commercial property owners/managers that need cleaning.

Maid Service Cost

Rates should be asked and given in advance before any cleaning starts, which is both beneficial to the maid service and the customer. The more items that need cleaning, the more it will cost. If only a floor needs to be cleaned, a mop and soap are all that is needed. But if rugs, window shades, and other items need cleaning – it will require the maid to bring more supplies and tools for the job, which will also mean more time – all amounting to more money. Most maid services offer two cleaning packages which are listed below: All-inclusive cleaning – Costing a premium, the maid service pays for all cleaning supplies, tools, and labor (maids). This arrangement is good for businesses and commercial properties that need repeat cleaning. Labor only – The maid service only charges the customer for the maid’s work and time. All cleaning supplies and tools must be present on-location. This is a good option for residential properties such as homes and apartments, considering that cleaning supplies are already present.

Maid Salary & Hourly Rate ($/hr)

Salary: $28,507/yr (source: ZipRecruiter) Hourly Rate: $12.15/hr (source: Payscale)