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Dry Cleaning Invoice Template

A dry cleaning invoice is a billing document used by laundry businesses to collect payment from customers for dry cleaning services. This invoice is compatible with dry cleaning businesses that provide delivery services (both return and pickup).

Table of Contents

What is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a washing method for clothing without the use of water. The truth is – there is nothing dry about dry cleaning. Clothes get wet by a solvent called hydrocarbon coupled with soap to produce a mixture that is safe on all clothing and prevents clothes from shrinking or being damaged. Water is only used after the clothes have been cleaned and need pressing to rid wrinkles and creases in the form of steam. Dry cleaning is most known to be the cleaning method for delicate attire such as suits, dresses, ties, sport coats, dress pants, slacks, etc. Everyday clothing made from fabrics such as cotton and linen are not typically sent to be dry cleaned.

How Does Dry Cleaning Work?

When clothes are dropped off, the first thing to occur is an inspection for stains and missing buttons. Once tagged for identification, the clothes are loaded into a large machine-grade washing machine. This machine works very similarly to home washing machines with the exception that it does not use water.

The clothes are instead washed with a chemic solvent, a hydrocarbon such as DF-2000, while the clothes are tumbled for about roughly an hour. The solvent prevents clothes from shrinkage and dye bleeding. The same machine will dry the clothes after the wash process is complete. When done, the solvent is converted into a gas during the drying process and reverted back to its liquid state ready to be used again by a condenser. All the dirt and residue from the clothes are collected by the machine’s filters which are then cleaned before the next load.

  • How Long Does It Take? – From beginning to end, the entire dry cleaning process takes about 2 hours. Washing and drying alone can take about 1 hour, then during the final hour clothes are pressed and prepped for pickup. However, clothes aren’t usually available for pickup until the following day after drop off.

Dry Cleaning Prices

Below is a typical price chart for dry cleaning services that you would see availble by a laundry/dry cleaning business.

2 Piece Suit – $14.00 Lab Coat – $10.00
Bathing suit – $5.00 Nightgown – $8.00
Bed Sheet – $10.00 Outter Jacket – $15.00
Bedding – $10.00 Overcoat – $20.00
Bedding Comforter – $20.00 Pants – $8.00
Blouse – $7.00 Polo Shirt – $7.00
Coat – $12.00 Robe – $10.00
Cushion Cover – $3.50 Scarf – $3.00
Down Comforter – $25.00 Shirt – $8.00
Dress – $8.00 Shorts – $8.00
Evening Dress – $9.50 Skirt – $15.00
Gloves – $2.50 Suit Jacket – $20.00
Gown – $11.00 Sweater – $13.00
Hoodie – $6.00 Table cloth – $5.00
Jacket – $10.00 Tank Top – $7.00
Jeans – $10.00 Tie – $5.00
Jumpsuit – $13.00 Tuxedo – $40.00
Vest – $10.00