A car wash invoice is used by independent detailers and commercial car washes to formally request payment for one-time, subscription-based, or the contracted car washing of one or more personal or company vehicles.

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Car Washing Pricing

The cost of washing a vehicle is contingent on the method used to clean it, the labor (if any) dedicated to the cleaning, the thoroughness of the job, any add-ons selected, and whether the interior is cleaned as well. Automated car washes where there is no (or minimal) direct human labor involved operate on a considerably different payment structure than independent washers. The typical prices offered by both business types can be found below. Automated car washes – These businesses contain as much automation as possible to limit, or completely remove, the need to hire employees. These style of car washes give a general surface cleaning to vehicles and rarely provide a clean necessary to remove all visible dirt and grime. However, they are convenient, do a decent job of removing harmful road salts from undercarriages, and are relatively inexpensive. Independent detailers – Those detailing vehicles are often methodological, professional, and offer all-encompassing services that can transform a messy, clutter-ridden car into one that looks nearly brand new. They operate specialty detailing equipment such as motorized buffers (for waxing), use de-ionized water to prevent spotting, deep-clean upholstery and fabric, and fill in chips and scratches in paint, to name some of the services they provide. All in all, they operate on an entirely different ball game than automated washers – by focusing on quality over quantity, they target owners of luxurious vehicles, transportation companies, and those that simply want a thoroughly cleaned car.

Car Wash FAQ

How often should a car be washed?

The standard recommended timeframe a car should be washed is every two (2) weeks. However, vehicle owners that live where it snows should have their car washed a minimum of once per week due to the heavily corrosive de-icing agents used on roadways. This is especially important for removing chemicals from vehicle underbodies due to the likelihood of premature rusting.

What is the average car wash price?

Depending on the type of wash and the level of automation involved, prices can range anywhere from $8 to $15 for a basic wash. For more advanced options that can include waxes, special soaps, and underbody sprays, prices average anywhere from $12 to $20+.

Touchless or Standard Car Wash?

The “Touchless” option at a car wash refers to the fact that no brushes or physical objects (besides water and soap) make contact with the vehicle during the cleaning. This is the recommended option for non-commonly shaped vehicles or luxury autos, as the materials used for scrubbing can have dirt become lodged into them, causing micro-scratches on the vehicles as they pass through the wash.

Car Washes Near Me

To locate nearby car washes, the option most likely to return up-to-date results is Google Maps. To search for nearby car washes using the service, head here: Car Washes Near Me.