Window Cleaning Invoice Template

A window cleaning invoice is a professional document that states the balance owed to a window cleaner or window cleaning company for the washing and drying of residential and commercial windows.

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What does a Window Cleaner do?

A window cleaner is a professional that has a set system of processes and procedures for cleaning the windows and glass of homes and commercial buildings. The tools and equipment most commonly used by window cleaners include the chamois, the scrim, and the squeegee. For specialty applications, cleaners can make use of cleaning poles, ladders, scaffolding, harness systems, and motorized aerial work platforms.


Window cleaners focusing on homes and other types of residential property typically employ a number of methods and systems, but because the windows they clean rarely pass three (3) stories, the equipment that is employed typically consists of cherry pickers, ladders, and pole cleaners.


The cleaning of windows in offices, high-rise buildings, retail shops, and other buildings. Compared to traditional residential cleaning comes increased revenue as well as higher labor costs, elevated risk, specialized training, and the need to bid for jobs. Depending on the height of the building, cleaners may need to set up scaffolding, ropes and harnesses, and other systems in order to effectively and safely move and clean around the exterior of buildings.

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