Locksmith Work Order Template

A locksmith work order is a form used for taking requests for locksmith services to be performed, whether it be replacing keys, fixing broken locks, opening a vehicle, or conducting major lock installations. The form contains all of the information for the job in a single place, allowing the locksmith to have access to the details of the job at a moment’s notice.

About the Locksmith Work Order

A locksmith work order needs to be able to answer the following questions:

  • Who’s completing the service? The locksmith or locksmithing company’s contact information.
  • Who is the client? – Client name, address, phone number, and email.
  • What work order is it? – Each work order should contain a unique number for accounting purposes.
  • What does the client need? – The locksmith will need to enter the exact tasks as requested by the client.
  • What does it cost? – Both the labor and/or material charges should be separated and priced accurately for each task ordered.
  • Does the customer give approval? – At the bottom of the form should be a space for the customer’s signature. Having the client’s signed approval for the job helps to prevent future discord.
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