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Hospital Invoice Template

A hospital invoice is used to bill a patient after a stay at a hospital which should include costs for all the provided services including any co-pay charges. When billed, patients should be notified to contact their insurance company to cover the payment.

Table of Contents

Hospital Billing

A hospital bill is calculated the same whether or not a patient has insurance. As it’s well known, a stay at the hospital isn’t cheap. Much like staying in a hotel, hospitals charge patients for every little detail – from room services to cleaning bedsheets. Hospitals factor in the salaries of their nurses and doctors while also factoring in the cost of the services and equipment. Common charges often found or included in your hospital bill:

  • Daily Room Charges
  • General Care
  • Nursing Services
  • Tests and Drugs

The second part of a hospital bill will include charges pertaining to the services of a patient’s doctor. Depending on the hospital, charges pertaining to a patient’s doctors, physicians, and surgeons may be a completely separate bill that will have to be dealt with on its own. When receiving an invoice, patients should contact their insurance provider and complete any required claim forms. Lastly, any co-pay fees will be listed by the hospital.

What happens if you don’t pay your hospital bill?

Hospitals have a revenue department that keeps track of patients’ bills and payments. They make certain that all payments are made on time and will help those that need financial assistance. A hospital’s revenue department will work with third parties and health insurance companies to help facilitate payments. In the event that you default (don’t pay your hospital bill), hospitals will utilize collection agencies to obtain payment. Once your bill has been sent to collections, your credit score will be affected. Afterward, you will need to negotiate with the collection agency about the payment which could end up costing more than the original amount.

Hospitals Near Me

Every city and town has a hospital and if not a hospital, an emergency care center. Always check with your health insurance provider to see which hospitals in your area can care for you. For the nearest hospital in your area, use Google Maps to perform a search.