Legal Consultant Invoice Template

A legal consultant invoice is a bill issued by practicing attorneys to the clients they advise as a means of collecting payment. A legal consultant is brought in to assist a company or individual with legal planning, protecting, and defending a party from criminal or civil exposure. Legal consultants are paid either through contingency (%), per hour ($/hr), or a combination of both.

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Everything You Need to Know about a Legal Consultant Invoice

Legal consultants are usually hired by law firms, businesses, or governments. They may also work as independent contractors. In order to be compensated for providing legal advice on complex matters, legal consultants will issue an invoice as a means of requesting payment and documenting the transaction for record-keeping purposes.

A legal consultant is a professional who provides expert advice on legal matters. The consultant is an individual that is licensed and practicing as an attorney in a particular state. The attorney is expected to have extensive knowledge in a specific field of law. A legal consultant is responsible for providing legal advice to clients, researching and preparing legal documents, representing clients in court, and mediating disputes. The consultant must be able to work with clients of all backgrounds and understand their needs. They must also be able to keep up with changes in the law and keep up with new case law. Legal consultants can keep up with changes in the law by reading legal news sources and attending Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses. Some people may find it helpful to set up Google Alerts for key legal terms, which will send an email notification whenever those terms are mentioned online. Another strategy is to follow legal news sources and experts on social media and sign up for email newsletters from trusted sources.

  • Criminal Case – If the client is involved in a criminal case, they may request additional assistance from an attorney who has worked in the local area or on a similar case in the jurisdiction.
  • Employment/Labor – Whether it’s for the employer or the employee, the legal consultant will be able to help safeguard either party and provide assistance in negotiations if employment was terminated with or without cause.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Protection – Perhaps the most popular type, intellectual property protection is for business entities and protecting assets from possible litigation involving a third (3rd) party. In addition, this also covers patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc., and protecting the property of a business or individual.
  • Marketing – A legal consultant can advise marketing firms about commercial laws to abide by.
  • Medical (malpractice) – If the patient was wrongfully cared for and decides to seek damages, a legal consultant can help in the negotiation and litigation with the medical office.
  • Real Estate – For individuals or entities that own more than one (1) property, a legal consultant will often recommend separating the properties into their entities to limit liability in case of negligence on one (1) of the properties. For example, if someone slips on a patch of ice in winter, the injured person may only obtain damages from that single entity and not the property or assets of the landlord.
  • Startups – A legal consultant can help the founders of a startup to understand the state and federal laws and registration processes, as well as the best practices and legal standards to follow.

Average Rates

Legal consultants generally charge by the hour or by the project. Fees will depend on the consultant’s experience and the complexity of the project.

Where to Find and List Legal Consulting Services

A Google search for “legal consultants” or “lawyers” should bring up a list of local legal consultants in your area. Otherwise, use the following websites to check for listed legal consultants near you.

  • Thumbtack – Enter your ZIP code and the type of law your issue falls into in order to find a legal consultant near you.
  • FindLaw – Enter your legal issue and city to find a legal consultant.
  • Nolo – Create a profile and then browse the database of legal consultants by location and practice area.
  • American Bar Association – Create an account to browse the database of consulting services available.

Features to Include on a Legal Consultant Invoice

A legal consultant invoice should contain the name and contact information of the lawyer providing the legal advice, as well as the name and contact information of the client. The invoice should also list the service provided, the hours logged on the project, the date of the service, and the money owing.