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Freelance Journalist Invoice Template

A freelance journalist invoice is a document, much like a bill, used for formally requesting payment for work that will (or has been) completed and provided to the client. The word “freelance” indicates the journalist isn’t employed by a single company but, rather, is open to working for anyone so long the pay and services align with their needs. Due to the predominantly online nature of modern freelance journalism, invoices are rarely issued in-person or through the mail – they are sent over email or other digital platforms.

Types of Freelance Journalism

From a broad perspective, being a journalist entails having a solid knowledge base in grammar and vocabulary, with an ability to write in various tones and styles. Apart from that, journalists can differ significantly depending on the field in which they write. For those looking to become a freelancer, grasping the different types of writing possible is essential.

According to CrowdSource, there are six (6) general types of freelance journalists briefly touched on below.

6 Types of Freelance Journalists

  1. Web Content Writer – Being a web content writer can necessitate several different specialties and sub-categories. It can include writing for blogs, social media pages, or creating researched articles of varying lengths, to name a few. The principal underlying purpose for web content is to rank on Google or other search engines, which can require writers to know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and other ranking topics.
  2. Ghostwriter – Freelancers that ghostwrite for a blog, book, or other publication attribute their writing to another person. The writer is a “ghost,” referring to the fact that the audience will not know any writer other than the author’s name on the blog or book cover.
  3. Business Writer – Companies recruit business writers to write complicated business plans, press releases, white papers, business proposals, eBooks, training materials, employee policy, and essentially anything else pertaining to the company they work for.
  4. Newspaper / Periodical Writer – These writers write and develop news stories, sports, the weather, and other subjects about daily events.
  5. Instructional Writer – Instructional writers are responsible for writing content that is used for educational purposes. This includes the writing of textbooks, tests, lessons, and other course materials. More often than not, instructional writers are experts in the educational topic(s) they are hired to write for.
  6. Technical Writer – This type of writing requires an expert in the subject being written about. Includes maintenance books, product manuals, and articles in which an exceedingly complex topic is broken down in a way the everyday reader will understand.

Journalist Salary & Hourly Rate ($/hr)

In the United States, the average journalist earns the following:

  • Salary: $63,200/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly rate: $30.39/hr (source: BLS)

It’s important to note that novice journalists will (most likely) earn significantly less than the values as shown above due to their limited experience.