Dump Truck Hours Worked Invoice Template

A dump truck hours worked invoice is a bill used by any driver who works as an employee or independent contractor to collect payment for time spent moving loads. The document lists the number of hours dedicated to driving between work sites and delivery destinations and contains detailed information on how to pay the invoice.

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Dump Truck Hours Worked Invoice: How to Get Paid for Dump Truck Hours Worked

The dump truck hours worked invoice is key to dump truck drivers getting paid on time and without hassle. Some drivers work on a freelance basis and are responsible for calculating their hours worked and implementing an efficient invoicing system in order to ensure the smooth operation of their business. Others who work as employees are still required to track their hours and loads, and to produce an invoice after a job.

What Is a Dump Truck?

Dump trucks typically work long hours, often 10-12 hours per day. They are mostly used for construction and mining purposes. Dump trucks usually have a capacity of around 20 tons. They can be used for various other purposes such as hauling debris, sand, gravel, etc. Dump trucks are usually operated by a single driver. They typically have a four-wheel drive and a manual transmission. Dump trucks are usually equipped with a dump body, which is used for dumping materials. Dump trucks usually have a maximum speed of around 40 miles per hour.

Becoming a Dump Truck Driver

The dump truck driver is responsible for transporting large loads of dirt, sand, gravel, or other materials to and from construction sites. Without them, construction projects would come to a standstill. Dump truck drivers typically have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), and many companies require drivers to have experience driving a dump truck. Some states also have special licenses for driving a dump truck with a trailer.

Dump Truck Driver Salary & Hourly Rate

The salaries and hourly rates earned by truck drivers are heavily dependent on whether the driver is an employee through a company or works on their own as an independent driver. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average heavy and tractor-trailer truck driver earns the following in the United States:

  • Salary: $50,350/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly rate: $24.20/hr (source: BLS)

Cost of Common Loads

Depending on the type of load the trucker wishes to deliver, different hourly rates can be charged. Jobs will range in difficulty and/or liability of the haul. The following are the average prices for delivering one (1) cubic yard of substance. Sand

  • Material cost – $15 to $40
  • With Delivery – $30 to $100+


  • Material cost – $10 to $35
  • With Delivery – $20 to $50+


  • Material cost – $15 to $65
  • With Delivery – $30 to $100+

What to Include on a Dump Truck Hours Worked Invoice

Here are the elements you should include on a dump truck invoice:

  • Name of driver
  • Contact information for the driver (e.g. street address, phone number)
  • Company name or name of client contracting driver
  • Contact details for the company (e.g. business address, phone number)
  • Description of job
  • Hours worked
  • Quantity of material moved
  • Rate
  • Amount due
  • Applicable discounts and taxes
  • Payment instructions (e.g. credit card, PayPal, Venmo, check)

Dump Truck Invoice FAQ

How many dump trucks are used in a construction project?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including the size of the dump truck and the amount of material to be hauled. However, it is generally estimated that between two and six dump trucks are required for a typical construction project.

How many loads can a dump truck haul?

Generally speaking, the number of loads hauled will depend on the size of the truck, the type of material being hauled, and the distance the truck is traveling. For example, a small dump truck might haul 10-15 loads of sand or gravel over the course of a day, while a large tractor-trailer might haul 30-40 loads of lumber or other heavy materials.