IT Hourly Invoice Template

An IT (information technology) hourly invoice is a bill issued by freelance or contracted IT professionals for the rendering of services related to computers, hardware, software, networks, or databases. Those who work on a contracted hourly basis in the field of IT often work for start-ups or for companies that only need services for a certain project or on a one-time basis. Having said that, the prices set by IT technicians should be done so strategically in order to stay competitive in the field while leaving enough room for a living wage.

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What is IT?

IT is a rather broad field that encompasses services related to the exchange of information through computer systems. They are hired as both full-time employees and as contractual workers depending on the need of their employer. IT workers can hail from a number of formal educations and can hold a range of certifications used to demonstrate their expertise in varying disciplines. As for their common responsibilities, IT technicians can expect to complete one or all of the following:

  • Troubleshooting computer issues
  • Installing and updating computer programs and operating systems
  • Both repairing and installing hardware
  • Conducting one-time and routine tests to ensure the security of a computer system
  • Maintaining a backup of all employee and company data

Types of IT Certifications

IT professionals looking for a means of signifying their qualifications compared to their peers should look to obtaining certifications in as many application areas as possible. While not all certifications hold the same weight in an employer’s eyes, acquiring them can only serve as a positive contribution to a technician’s resume. The following are a few certifications that are popular in the field today:

IT Consultant Average Salary

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary earned by freelance (and contracted) IT consultants are as follows: Salary: $80,729/yr Hourly Rate: $39/hr