Software Development Invoice Template

The software development invoice is for any web or mobile developer that provides the service of delivering or maintaining software. The amount the software developer is paid is based on the agreement between the client. In most cases, a software developer is paid on a per hour basis and, if paid on contingency, is most likely in a licensing or royalty agreement between the parties. A software developer that is paid by invoice is commonly an independent contractor and not a salaried employee.

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What is a Software Developer?

A software developer is an individual that specializes in coding languages, most likely a specific language or platform, and is able to create and/or maintain programs, software, and applications. The job of a software developer is to offer their insight on a given project while creating or maintaining the application

  • API Developer – Provides the “building blocks” of an application to be run on another platform or application.
  • CRM Developer – For medium to large-size organizations to improve sales and understand customer data. Common applications include SalesForce, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, etc.
  • Desktop Developer – Create programs for Windows, macOS, Linux, and other operating systems.
  • Game Developer – Is able to work on a number of coding languages in order to produce a game for specific or multiple consoles.
  • Mobile Developer – Commonly specialize in either Android or iOS. An especially talented mobile developer may be able to do both.
  • Web Developer – Create websites that may or may not include back-end and front-end support.
  • WordPress Developer – For any website that specializes in written content, WordPress is the most popular platform running 34.1% of the top 10 million websites (source:

Where to Find Software Developers?

With the power of the internet, software developers can now be found in every region of the world, from the most affordable places, such as Asia and India, to the more premium areas, such as Europe and North America. Many companies tend to find a happy balance of both by finding talent in eastern and south-east Europe. The following are the best websites to find talented software developers:

  • UpWork – Formerly eLance, the largest community of freelance software developers specializing in web and mobile.
  • Fiverr – The largest community of freelancers. Does not specialize in any specific field.
  • Freelancer – Independent contractors that primarily work in the field of web development.
  • Outsourcely – Freelancers seeking long-term employment as independent contractors.

Software Developer Salary & Hourly Rate

Salary: $120,990/yr (source: BLS) Hourly Rate: $58.17/hr (source BLS)