Dentist Invoice Template

A dentist invoice is a medical document used to detail dental work on patients for billing purposes. The invoice describes which services are appropriate for medical/dental insurance and which services must be paid by the patient.

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Dentist Definition

A dentist has a doctoral degree in dental medicine or dental surgery and holds a state license to practice dentistry. When practicing, dentists treat teeth and gums and can diagnose any type of injury or disease. A pediatric dentist is unique in that they restore and give special attention to children with cavities. They also educate parents about diet and teach them ways to prevent their kids from disease and cavities. Note that dentists are not the same as Orthodontists even though their professions are closely related.

Dentists Who Accept Medicaid

States are required to provide dental insurance to children (under the age of 21) insured under Medicaid. It’s the state’s preference whether to provide dental insurance to adults. Dental care provided under Medicaid primarily covers periodic checkups and emergencies. Normally, children insured under Medicaid do not have access to braces and orthodontic services unless the child is in need due to emergency purposes.

Find a Dentist

To find the best dentist nearest you, a few searches online can do the trick. Go to your favorite search engine and simply type in Dentist Near Me. As long as your device (computer or smartphone) has location services turned on, it will render dentists in your area. Check to see reviews before making a dentist appointment.

Dentist Salary

There are roughly 113,000 employed dentists in the US with an average wage increase at about 1.2% each year. How much do dentists make?

  • Salary: $177,770
  • Hourly Rate: $85.47

(source: BLS)