Hotel Room Invoice Template

A hotel room invoice bills customers who stayed in a hotel, motel, resort, or other accommodation on a per-night basis, plus any added fees from room service, housekeeping, wifi, parking, gym use, or other additional amenities requested or used by the guest. Upon check-in, the receptionist will typically record the guest’s payment information and bill each fee at the time of service. Upon checkout, the guest will be presented with the invoice (in receipt format) containing the total dollar amount charged to their debit or credit card.

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Common Hotel Room Fees

The fees hotels charge their guests are often a double-edged sword, as they can provide an exceptional amount of increased revenue yet have the potential of considerably upsetting the guests that stay there. Oftentimes, finding a happy medium is plausible – including a few (but not all) of the fees below.

  • Minibar restocking
  • Resort fees (highly controversial)
  • Early check-in and check-out fees
  • Gym/pool fee
  • Wifi
  • Parking fee

What Should be Included in a Hotel Invoice?

The following should be itemized in a hotel statement before delivering to the guest:

  • Fields for the hotel and guest’s contact information (names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers)
  • An invoice number for organized invoice records for end-of-year accounting
  • Number of nights stayed & the cost per night
  • An area for additional fees and their associated costs
  • Any taxes + other mandated charges
  • Total invoice amount

Hotel Staff Salaries & Hourly Rates ($/hr)

Hotel Manager

  • Salary: $114,294/yr
  • Hourly rate: $55/hr

(Source: Desk Clerks

  • Salary: $29,745/yr
  • Hourly rate: $11.27/hr

(Source: Glassdoor, Payscale)