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A monthly parking invoice is used by hotels, condominiums, airports, parking garages, and RV parks to bill individuals on a per-month basis for providing an unenclosed or open space to park their car or recreational vehicle (RV). Due to the convenience and increased likelihood of being paid on time, many companies opt to send invoices digitally to their customers. Monthly parking rentals can be used for long-term vehicle storage or day parking to provide workers a location to park their cars.

Average Parking Rates

Monthly parking rates are typically tied to the average city/town rates, with variability in prices often due to added amenities such as enclosed parking, security, longer-term discounts, 24-hour access, whether or not customers receive a dedicated parking space, and specialty spaces for exotic cars or larger vehicles. According to the US Parking Index, the following are twenty (20) average prices for monthly city parking, in order of price from most to least expensive:

  • New York City, NY – $616.00
  • Boston, MA – $425.00
  • San Francisco, CA – $322.50
  • Seattle, WA – $289.00
  • Philadelphia, PA – $284.50
  • Washington D.C. – $274.00
  • Chicago, IL – $265.00
  • Minneapolis, MN – $260.00
  • Pittsburgh, PA – $235.00
  • Bellevue, WA – $222.00
  • Portland, OR – $215.00
  • Denver, CO – $205.00
  • Houston, TX – $195.00
  • Newark, NJ – $195.00
  • Cleveland, OH – $190.00
  • Los Angeles, CA – $190.00
  • San Diego, CA – $187.50
  • Baltimore, MD – $186.50
  • Cincinnati, OH – $175.00
  • Nashville, TN – $175.00

Although the above averages are expensive, cheaper options can be found if the vehicle owner is okay with renting a space without any special features.

Monthly Parking Near Me

The first option is to search Google Maps for nearby garages to locate paid parking garages, lots, and other monthly parking areas. As a second option, lots can be found by using online platforms such as SpotHero, ParkMe, or BestParking. To find the best rate, it is recommended that individuals shop around using different platforms, calling nearby garages, and asking friends and family for the cheapest parking rates they’ve found.