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A party rental invoice is used to charge an individual or company for the total cost of party products rented for an event, such as weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement parties, corporate events, and festivals. In addition to providing party products, many companies also offer delivery and assembly services, requiring little to no work for the customers that order their party services.

Starting a Party Rental Business

Starting a party or event rental business comes down to 1) writing a detailed business plan, 2) registering the business with the state, 3) purchasing and storing the rental products, and 4) advertising to potential customers. When a rental company is ready to begin purchasing inventory (step 3), an extensive list of rental services and products can be provided to customers depending on the company’s planned size and desired specialty (if any).

Deciding only to purchase the most requested party items is essential for every party rental company just starting, as purchasing products that go unused results in them taking up inventory – cutting down on the business’ bottom line. The most common type of products and services available for rent are as follows:

  • Chairs – Chairs are one of the three (3) essential products every party rental business should own – as they are required in almost every type of party.
  • Tables – Tables, like chairs, are the second essential offering that should be available for rent. Round tables being the most commonly requested.
  • Tents – The third most essential product is the tent, which provides customers with the option to bring their event outdoors to farms, oceanside properties, parks, and lawns.
  • Dinnerware – For weddings and birthday parties, having cutlery and plates on hand is essential for giving customers a comprehensive offering.
  • Heating & Cooling – Portable heating and air conditioning systems can provide another level of comfort to parties. Requires a specialized tent to keep in cool or warm air.
  • Lighting – Purchasing a lighting system allows clients to have their events inside poorly lit buildings (such as an old barn) and permits events to extend into the night.
  • Special Items – In addition to the basics, rental companies can add several unique items to their inventories to increase their service offerings. A few of these include blow-up slides and bounce houses, laser tag, and festival games.

Overall, starting a party rental business can be rewarding for the enjoyment brought to other people, the monetary return, and the variety in the day-to-day activities for those who run it.

Average Party Rental Worker Salaries

  • Event Manager – $55,550/yr (source: Payscale)
  • Delivery Driver – $33,538/yr (source: Glassdoor)
  • Party Sales Associate – $27,325/yr (source: ZipRecruiter)