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A photo booth rental invoice is used by a business to request payment for renting out a photo booth to a customer. A rental agreement should always be signed and executed in writing before an invoice is issued.

Types of Events

  • Baby Shower
  • Birthday
  • Corporate Gathering
  • Graduation
  • Party
  • Reunion
  • Wedding

How to Rent a Photo Booth

Below is a simple guide of things a business renting out photo booths should do before requesting an invoice from their customers.

Step 1 – Create a Rental Agreement

Renting a photo booth is no different from any other type of service offered for rent, which means that a rental agreement needs to be signed before a transaction takes place. A rental agreement for a photo booth should cover the following terms:

  • Packages – All packages included in the order (if any)
  • Time of arrival – Most businesses offering photo booths arrive at the customer one (1) hour before scheduled to have the photo booth setup.
  • Requirements – All requirements needed to fit and store the photo booth is the responsibility of the renter.
  • Downtime – The amount of downtime guaranteed by the business. Most businesses guarantee that their photo booth will be operational for 80% of the time rented. Any time that is lost should be prorated back to the customer.
  • Liability – The business is not liable for personal injury in or around the photo booth when it is operational.
  • Damages – All damages incurred to the photo booth while in possession of the customer must be paid by the customer.
  • Copyright – If the photo booth saves photos digitally, the copyright of those photos needs to be agreed upon.
  • Payment – The total cost and deposit amounts must be included.

Step 2 – Long-term vs. Short-term

Short terms rentals are typically rented out by the hour. When rented out by the hour, the photo booth will be set up to run free of charge, meaning that patrons that use the machine will not need to insert money for it to work. The machine will be set up with enough ink and strips to allow unlimited use. Long-term rentals are typically for permanent installations in places like bars and pubs. These machines will require patrons to insert money to use. Most businesses that rent out long-term photo booths require profit sharing of money made by the photo booth.

Step 3 – Send an Invoice

Once all the details of the photo booth rental agreement are agreed upon, and in writing, an invoice should be created to process payment. This part is rather easy; all it takes is to send the invoice online and requesting payment by debit or credit card. The customer should have the option to pay in full, but at this point, the customer should only be required to pay the deposit until the photo booth is delivered on location.

Photo Booth Rental Cost

When it comes to a price to rent out a photo booth, a business should always require their customers to ask for a quote. The reason being is that a delivery person and a technician will need to be deployed to deliver the rental. Depending on the requested time frame and the miles it will take to deliver, prices will most likely vary from customer to customer. Most customers will wish to rent the photo booth only for an event lasting a few hours, so creating packages for hourly time frames is recommended.

Example Hourly Packages:

  • 3 Hour – $800
  • 4 Hour – $1000
  • 5 Hour – $1200
  • Each Additional Hour – $130

Photo Booth Rental Near Me

The business should list their services locally, especially on Google Maps, so your listing shows up when potential customers search for photo booths in their area. Photo booth businesses are scarce; therefore, to be seen, a business must make itself presentable online.