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A clothing invoice is used by retail stores, fashion designers, dry cleaners, seamstresses, and many other garment industry professionals to collect payment for the design, production, customization, dry cleaning, tailoring, or distribution of clothing.

What to Include in the Invoice

Unlike bills and receipts, invoices often include a wide variety of information to provide sufficient details for the purchasing party and ensure a complete record of all transactions for end-of-year accounting and other back-end tasks. At a minimum, an invoice used for collecting payment for the rendering of clothing products (or services related to clothing) should identify the buyer and seller, the type of item/service (and quantity sold), the cost of each, and the total cost of the invoice (including taxes/VAT and other fees).

Additionally, the invoice should include information on the salesperson, when the item was ordered and shipped, the shipping company, the shipping address (include a separate field in case the shipping address is different from the billing address), and the order terms. Finally, including a section to list any notes regarding the order or shipping is highly recommended to ensure the buyer has all the necessary details.