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The furniture invoice is used to bill customers for the sale of residential or commercial furnishings. The invoice should be calculated with each item’s unit price and its quantity in a line-by-line format. Once the subtotal has been calculated, any shipping, delivery, setup, or other charges may be added. If there are any taxes or discounts, this should be the last addition or subtraction before the total amount is calculated.

Furniture Types

The following are the most common types of furniture used in residential (e.g., homes) and commercial settings (e.g., offices):

Residential Furniture

  • Family Room Sets;
  • Dining Room Sets; and
  • Bedroom Sets.

Commercial Furniture

  • Couches (for lobby areas);
  • Desks;
  • Office chairs; and
  • Meeting room tables.

How to Sell Furniture

The size and cost of furniture dictate how the furniture is sold. For large and bulky furniture that can’t be sold online, a seller should look to sell in a local market. For smaller furniture, items should be broadcast nationally or globally online to find a top-paying buyer.

Step 1 – Determine Size and Cost

If an item is too big and expensive to ship, a large couch, for example, the seller should look to list their furniture for sale in their local community. Determining the price of furniture is rather simple, as all it takes is a few searches for similar furniture on the current market. The only other factor to consider is the condition of the item. If the condition is better than those currently on the market, the seller should price it higher and vice versa.

Step 2 – List for Sale

After figuring out the price, the seller should take detailed photos of the furniture. If there are damages to the furniture, disclose by showing the damages in the photos up close. Taking photos while the furniture is still staged in the house can give prospective buyers a better understanding of its proportions and how it would look in their own home.

Step 3 – Finalize

When completing a furniture sale, it’s recommended to use a bill of sale, especially when a deal is done in person. A detailed description of the furniture needs to be included (sold as-is), and for extra precaution, the bill of sale should include the signatures of both the buyer and seller. When completed, the bill of sale should be attached to the invoice.

Furniture Stores Near Me

For best results, use Google Maps to search your local area to see a complete detailed list of furniture stores near you. Use the links below to search the most popular furniture stores in the US.