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A vendor invoice allows an individual or business to collect money before or after a customer purchases a product.

What is a Vendor Invoice?

A vendor invoice is a form that helps to collect payment on goods and products sold to customers. Vendors can also be the supplier (manufacturers, processors, etc.), but when dealing directly with the end-customer in a transaction, their role is that of a vendor. A vendor is a broad term for any business or individual dealing in a transactional relationship with the customer. If a manufacturer’s end customer is the retailer, the manufacturer must use a vendor invoice when selling their finished product to the manufacturer.

Likewise, the retailer would then use their own vendor invoice when selling the product at retail price to their end-customer. A vendor could be any of the following:

  • Retail shops
  • Manufacturers
  • Street vendors (however, these types of businesses hardly ever use invoices when selling to customers)
  • Business to business (B2B)

Vendor Invoice Management System/Workflow

By issuing an electronic invoice to customers, a business can streamline the payment process using the same template each time while only changing the information of the customer or product. Businesses can then save customer information and send out invoices seamlessly when it comes time to being paid. By using our invoice, vendors can save customer information, issue unlimited invoices, and collect payment seamlessly.