Actor/Actress Invoice Template

An actor/actress invoice is for independent performers that are hired to act in a play, TV commercial, short film, or related project. Those without the use of an agent are often responsible for collecting payment on their own; this is especially the case for small or short-term roles that don’t necessitate putting the actor onto the film’s payroll.

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What is an Actor?

An actor is a professional entertainer that takes on the role of a character in a recorded video or live show, whether it is a feature film, local play, television series, or theme park show, to name a few. Actors can hail from all types of backgrounds and be of any race, gender, and upbringing. The qualities and traits often found in great actors include creativity, discipline, determination, and strong reading and writing skills. Note: For the sake of consistency, the term “actor” refers to both men and women.

Becoming an Actor

Those that are seriously looking to become an actor should be prepared to completely devote their time to learning the craft. While it can be argued that some people may have natural “talent” for acting, the great equalizer is passion and resolve; with enough effort, anyone can fulfill their dreams of becoming an actor. For those unsure of where to start, the following can get a student well on their way to landing their first acting gig:

  • Take Acting Classes
    • Those interested in the prospect of becoming an actor rarely jump in headfirst – they often will take a class or two to “feel out” what it’s like to act, and if it’s right for them. This is recommended, as it allows students to get the necessary experience required for auditioning. Starting early, however, is preferred. For those still in HS, getting roles in plays, engaging in public speaking where possible, and joining the debate team (if possible), can all improve skills directly related to acting. Earning a degree in a major related to theatre, drama, filmmaking, can offer the greatest means of preparation.
  • Network
    • While gaining auditions and roles is not purely based upon “who you know,” it can be the most influential factor from this list. A prospective actor should take the time to make acquaintances with everyone they meet (who are connected to the field of performing arts). While the benefits may not be obvious upfront, actors can find themselves in roles purely from the connections they’ve formed.
  • Start Auditioning
    • With a hefty dose of confidence and practice, actors should begin trying out for auditions. It’s important to know that rejection will be extremely common; before landing a role that really jumpstarts their career, actors should be ready to be rejected five, ten, or twenty plus times.
  • Get an Agent (Optional)
    • While not a hard-set requirement, obtaining an agent can open the possibilities for actors tremendously (in addition to taking a lot of non-acting work off their plate).

How Much are Actors Paid?

While some Hollywood actors may make millions of dollars a year, they are far from representing the average actor’s pay. Additionally, the fact that the field of acting is an “up-and-down” career, where large spans of time between roles is common, coming up with a standard average salary should only be used as a rough estimate of what a new or experienced actor can expect to make in a given year.

  • Hourly Rate: $31.31/hr (Source: