Ambulance Service Invoice Template

The ambulance service invoice is to request payment, either from an individual or health care company, for providing the transportation of a patient. The service involves payment to the ambulance service company which provides transport of a patient, either for emergency or facility transfer, along with at least one (1) emergency medical technician (EMT), “paramedic”, that is able to handle short-term care.

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What is an Ambulance Service?

An ambulance service is used to transport people in medical emergencies to and from the hospital. Those who operate ambulances are paramedics, EMTs (emergency medical technicians), and EMRs (emergency medical responders). Those driving an ambulance do not need to be medically certified but do need emergency driving training (gained by taking an EVOC course) before working for an ambulance service. An invoice is most commonly used when hiring a private ambulance service. These services are different from a public ambulance service, which is the service that is used when calling 911. Private ambulances can take patients to any location whether it be a nursing home, hospital of choice, or a residence. Ambulance services will generally cover the following:

  • Basic life support
  • Advanced life support
  • Special care transit
  • Non-medical
  • Hospital transport


Ambulance transportation is not a free public service. Most people confuse the notion that an ambulance service is part of fire and rescue, however, that is not true. On average, just one transport in an ambulance can cost around $1,000 dollars. Does insurance cover the cost of an ambulance? If a person has medical insurance or is covered by Medicaid, ambulance services are covered when a situation is deemed to be a medical emergency or life-threatening, or when a patient needs to be transported from one hospital to another. If a minor injury was to occur and that person was transported using an ambulance, there is a good chance that they would receive an invoice in the mail as their insurance would not cover the cost.

Ambulance Service Near Me

The best and most convenient way to find an ambulance service near you is by calling 911. Calling 911 should only be done in an emergency situation that is potentially life-threatening. To better help the public and save emergency services for those who really need it, a private ambulance service should be used if dealing with a non-emergency. To find an ambulance service in your local area, use google maps and type in the following search term, “Ambulance Service Near Me“.

Paramedic Salary

At the time of writing, there are currently over 260,000 people working as paramedics in the United States, with their average salary and hourly rates being the following:

  • Salary: $49,500/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Rate: $23.80/hr (source: BLS)