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A barbershop invoice is used by barbers to issue a request of payment to its patrons and customers. Frequent and repeat customers may keep a “tab” on file and at the end of each month, the barbershop will use an invoice to demand payment for the total amount owed.

What is a Barbershop?

A barbershop is a business that caters to cutting men’s hair and shorter hairstyles. A barbershop is a place where men can go to relax, be themselves, and confide in their styling preferences to a barber. Barbershops are relatively inexpensive due to the simplicity of the work and the quick turnaround time of each customer. A barbershop specializes in the following types of services:

  • Regular Cut – Short hair cuts performed with scissors and clippers
  • Fades – Hair cut with clippers to a desired length
  • Razor Shaves – Trim and shape a beard or a mustache
  • Tapes – Clean up the neck, behind the ears, and sideburns
  • Blow Outs – Low bottom fades that blend into spiked hair on top of the head
  • Mohawks – Cutting the hair tight on both sides of the head and leaving a strip of long hair on top
  • Designs – Giving close shaves on the head to design a custom shape

Hair Stylist Invoice – For traditional hair salons offering coloring and other related services.

Salon vs. Barbershop

Salons are primarily run by women and cater to women. Salons specialize in cutting, coloring, and stylizing long hair. The ambiance in a salon differs drastically from a barbershop. Salons tend to be chic in style and overall have a cleaner look. A men’s haircut at a salon is more expensive than a cut at a barbershop. Men who have longer hairstyles typically prefer a salon over a barbershop. A barbershop’s focus is on providing a relaxed environment for men and boys.

A barbershop offers a wide variety of grooming styles and fades/tapers. Barbershops have a history of being places where men can talk freely and openly about subject matters that would otherwise be deemed inappropriate in salons (especially for children). However, if women and/or children are present in a barbershop, there is an unwritten rule to be respectful and not converse inappropriately.

Why are Barbershops Closed on Mondays?

Barbershops are often closed on Mondays which seems odd as most businesses are open Monday through Friday. The reason for this – a haircut can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and 30 minutes in time. Most people who work Mondays through Fridays do not have enough time to get their hair cut. Therefore a barbershop will stay open on the weekends and close on Monday, which statistically is the slowest day of the week for barbers, to allow patrons to fit time in their schedule to get a haircut.

Barbershops Near Me

Every town typically has a local barbershop. They can be spotted if they have a barber’s pole (red, white, and blue stripes) in their storefront. Use this Google Maps link to see barbershops closest to you (in your area).