Contract Pilot Invoice Template

A contract pilot invoice is used by an aviation pilot to bill airline companies or private charters for their services as a full or part-time pilot contractor. This invoice can be used by both pilots and flight attendants to request payment from aviation employers for contracted employment.

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What is a Contract Pilot?

A contract pilot is an aviation pilot working as an independent contractor, oftentimes with their own LLC and insurance. Contract pilots do not provide their own plane, however, most contract pilots specialize in flying one type of aircraft. Contract pilots have the freedom to live anywhere and are able to control the type of jobs they take on and since they technically work for themselves, they do not receive benefits from aviation employers.

Contract Pilot Jobs

Contract pilots can find work by posting their resumes on websites such as FlyContract, where employers and chartering companies can perform a search to find qualifying pilots matching their criteria. Employers can search for a pilot by experience, type of equipment (aircraft) they fly, availability, and so forth. In order to be hired, contract pilots should have the following covered:

  • Keep up with required training
  • Pilots license
  • Insurance
  • An LLC (allows pilots to offer themselves as independent contractors)

Airline Pilot Salary

How much do pilots make? The salary of contract pilots and commercial pilots varies depending on the type of aircraft flown, years of service and the employer. Contract Pilot Salary: $198,190 (source: BLS) Commercial Pilot Salary: $115,080 (source: BLS) Flight Attendants Salary: $62,280 (source: BLS)