Dog Boarding Invoice Template

A dog boarding invoice is a billing form used by dog sitters to request payment from dog owners after caring for their dog(s). A dog boarding invoice should detail the amount of time spent with the dog, the name of the dog, activities, names of the pet owner and dog sitter, and the total amount due. Dog Walking Invoice – To use for the payment of walking someone’s dog, usually on a daily basis.

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What is Dog Boarding?

Dog boarding is a service that provides dog sitters to care for dogs while their owners are away from home and unable to care for their own dog(s). By hiring a dog sitter, owners can save money by not having to bring their dog to a kennel which in most cases are expensive. With dog boarding, owners can be in direct and constant contact with dog sitters to stay updated on the status of their dog. Dog boarding caters to the following services:

  • Caring for dogs of all ages and breeds, including puppies at a sitter’s home.
  • Giving love and nurture to dogs as an alternative to solitary kennels.

Dog Boarding Cost

The average cost of a dog sitter for one day and one night goes for $31 dollars. Simple dogs that are properly trained should have no cost increases. Long-term stays can bring down the nightly rate when booked ahead of time. The following information will be needed when determining the price for dog boarding:

  • Number of Dogs
  • Breed of Dog
  • Age of Dog
  • Size of your dog – Small dogs (1-15lbs), Medium dogs (16-40lbs), Large (41-100lbs), and Oversized Dogs (100+ lbs)
  • Does your dog get along with cats?
  • Does your dog get along with other dogs?

Cost Increases

Dog owners should warn sitters if their dogs aren’t properly house trained. Most sitters will charge extra to train dogs in their care. Dogs that aren’t spayed or neutered could also cost more.

Dog Boarding (Facilities) Near Me

There are two dog boarding options:

  • Kennel
  • Dog sitter

When searching for dog boarding in your area, make sure to clarify which type of service you wish to have – whether it’s a kennel or a dog sitter. – Connect with dog sitters and dog walkers in your local area for long and short term services. Google Maps – Find a kennel and dog sitters nearest you.