Gardening Service Invoice Template

A gardening service invoice is a document that contains a list of expenses and labor charge(s) that professional, part-time, and freelance gardeners use to inform their clients of the total cost of their work as well as any pertinent information regarding the service conducted. Using an invoice allows for a formal method of billing that not only increases the likelihood of being paid on time and in full, but increases the organization of the issuing gardener, improves client-gardener trust due to the orderly presentation of the costs, and contains the contact information of all those that were involved to ensure that an open line of communication is maintained after the work is finished.

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What Does a Gardener Do?

A gardener specializes in planting, tending, cultivating, and generally caring for plants that have been grown in either a garden bed, around a home, or in a public setting (mainly for decoration). The assortment of plants that a gardener can tend to can vary considerably depending on the size, location, and purpose of the garden. The specific skills and tasks professional gardeners can be entrusted with include the following:

  • Plant flowers, trees, seedlings, lawns, shrubs, vines, and herbs;
  • Calculate the costs of both plant and garden expenditures;
  • Maintain gardening equipment, tools, and machinery;
  • Weed and pest prevention;
  • Monitor the health of all plants, trees, and shrubs; and
  • Grass care (mowing, mulching, aerating, and trimming).

For freelance and part-time gardeners, the number of tasks may be limited or serve as a one-time ordeal, such as clearing weeds, creating a new flower bed, or planting an array of trees or plants.

Average Gardener Requirements

For those freelancing, there are typically no formal requirements except a basic knowledge of gardening and a desire to learn and improve their skills. However, for those looking to be employed full-time by a company, meeting a set of requirements is considered industry-standard. Requirements that an employer may have can include:

  • High School degree or GED
  • Mobility and the ability to lift heavy objects
  • Gardening experience
  • An interest in plants and gardening
  • A minimal to moderate understanding of landscaping design
  • Adept at plant care (fertilizers, pest prevention, and soil knowledge)
  • Thorough education of local plant and tree species

How to Set Gardening Prices

Setting prices that accurately reflect the skill and effort that goes into gardening while maintaining as a desirable option to customers can often be a difficult task. Like many jobs, setting fair and profitable prices takes time and discipline. To aid in the price-setting process, take the following steps into consideration:

  1. Overview Costs – Account for every cost imaginable. The gas for driving to gardens, the depreciation of tools, employee salaries, soil & plants (if providing it for the customer), and the time it takes to travel to customers. Add these costs up and write down the value.
  2. Task Performance – To gauge the amount of gardening (and thus money) that can be accomplished in a day or hour, consistently time each task, and record the results. Strive to improve the speed and consistency of services, especially if the gardener is thinking about charging packages instead of an hourly rate. Scoping out competing gardeners and gardening companies to see their packages and the time it takes them to complete common gardening tasks can provide valuable information.
  3. Set Prices – Take the total value of operational costs, and simply add on a percentage to that value to ensure a profit is earned. Percentages can range anywhere from 5-10%. Before settling on a price, take the insights gained from researching competitors in the second step to ensure the prices set are fair and attractive in the area in which the gardener will be looking/bidding for work.

Gardener Salary & Hourly Rate ($/hr)