General Labor Invoice Template

A general labor invoice is used by companies that employ general laborers, especially construction businesses, to demand prepayment before a job starts or after a job has been completed.

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What is General Labor?

General labor is the type of work, widely used in construction, that requires a minimal amount of skills or knowledge to perform, but demands tough physical work. General labor work often doesn’t match other salaries in the construction field due to the low level of experience required. Entry work pay typically starts at the minimum wage level.

General Labor Job Description

For general labor, job descriptions can vary from job to job. The essential component to anyone seeking to be employed as a general laborer is the willingness and ability to perform the duties of the job. Most job descriptions require the general laborer to consent to working in all outdoor weather conditions. As the turn rate for general laborers is very high due to the intensity of the job, there is an opportunity for better positions in time. Depending on state laws, workers may or may not need a valid license in order to work as a general laborer. Typical duties of a general laborer include:

  • Operate machinery
  • Cutting of shrubs (weed whacking)
  • Cleaning areas (removing and loading garbage) and using shovels, brooms, picks, and rakes
  • Lifting bulky items
  • Power wash, sanding surfaces, and removing graffiti

General Laborer Skills

People who work in general labor don’t need many skills; they just need to have the desire to work. Those who go into general labor typically don’t have a formal education. One skill that general laborers do need is the ability to listen and understand instructions of active assignments. General skills and knowledge needed are as follows:

  • Some geographical knowledge of their area
  • Ability to always practice safe procedures during work and around other people
  • Good communication, especially listening to orders and assignments
  • Have good physical stamina
  • Dependable- showing up to work every day and on-time
  • Ability to work with their hands and operate machinery

Construction Laborer Salary & Hourly Rate

There are over 1 million documented general laborers employed in the US. The following is the median salary and hourly rate for general laborers:

  • Salary: $44,130/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly rate: $21.22/hr (source: BLS)