Hair Stylist Invoice Template

A hair stylist invoice is for both a traditional salon offering services to cut and dye one’s hair, as well as private, specialized hair stylists who provide styling services in non-typical situations, such as for the film or music industries. Barber Shop Invoice – More tailored to haircuts for men due to commonly offering beard sculpting and similar services.

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What is a Hair Stylist?

A hair stylist (also called a “hairdresser”) is an individual that alters the look of a man or woman’s hair by means of cutting, shaping, or dying their hair. The majority of hair stylists work for salons, with another large fraction being self-employed by means of renting a booth or through the running of their own salons. In addition to providing haircuts to customers out of salons, hair stylists can be found in the film, music, fashion, and hospitality industries. In addition to cutting the hair of their customers, hair stylists often provide styling advice, offer tips for maintaining the look achieved by the stylist while home, and sell products specifically designed for the client’s hair type, color, and style.

Hair Stylists Near Me

To locate nearby hair stylists, Google Maps can be used to not only display the number of local salons, but to provide reviews of the businesses, their hours of operation, contact information, and the times when they are the most and least busy. Due to the fact that hairstylists often specialize in (or prefer) certain hair colors and styles, asking friends, relatives, and colleagues about the hair stylists they prefer can increase the likelihood of receiving a hair stylist that aligns with the customer’s exact needs and preferences.

Hair Stylist Salary & Hourly Rate ($/hr)

A hairdresser’s salary is heavily dependent on the type of salon they are employed by, the number of hours they dedicate a week to serving customers, and the location in which they are employed. The average salary and hourly rate for hair stylists located in the US are the following:

  • Salary: $35,990/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly rate: $17.30/hr (source: BLS)