IT Service Invoice Template

The IT service invoice is a form documenting the amount owed to an individual or company for performing services related to information technology, which often includes applications through computer programs.

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What is Information Technology?

Information Technology encompasses a large variety of fields as it correlates with computers, smartphones, software, hardware, electronics, web servers, and even websites. Anyone who uses or creates applications that use mathematical computations to receive an output is defined as IT. As everything is becoming more technological and digital, information technology keeps growing and intertwines with almost every aspect of our lives.

Information Technology Jobs

IT jobs are highly sought and vast in variety. Almost every company uses some form of IT within its business to function properly (i.e. payment processors to accept customer funds). Below are some common IT jobs that you may end up receiving an invoice from if you run a business.

  • Web/Mobile Developer – Someone who has knowledge writing code for web application and knows how to build/design websites.
  • IT Support/Security Analyst – Help companies who are at high risk of digital information theft.
  • Network Engineer – Setup and handle the communication system within a company.
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO) – The person who is in charge of overlooking all aspects of a company when it comes to IT.

Information Technology Salary

Salary: $50,827/yr (source: Glassdoor) Hourly Rate: $22.25/hr (source: Payscale)