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The law firm invoice is a digital or written form detailing services given or to be carried out when representing a client. This invoice can be used to collect a retainer fee prior to representation or it can be used to bill a client periodically throughout the attorney-client relationship.

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What is a Law Firm?

A law firm is a business practicing in a particular area of law. A law firm is generally created by two or more lawyers, specializing in the same areas of law, joining forces to create a business representing clients’ legal rights. Starting a law firm is the only way a lawyer can become their own boss. Often times when creating a law firm with another lawyer, both lawyers will combine their last names to create the name of their new business. The two (2) general types of law a law firm will practice are the following:

  • Criminal – Law firms represent the defense in criminal cases, as the prosecution is always handled by the state. Law in its most serious form.
  • Civil – Representing people who have personal or business disputes with one another.

How Much Do Partners at Law Firms Make?

A law firm is a business, and like any business, the profit the company earns minus the losses equates to what a partner will make. Other factors to consider will greatly influence the partners’ profits:

  • A partner’s percentage interest in the firm (usually stated in the business’s operating agreement);
  • Number of associates working for the firm, and if are they being paid on salary or commission;
  • Area of practice;
  • Location of the firm and the number of locations;
  • and advertising costs.

Partners at top law firms within the United States average taking home more than 1 million per year. If you are a client of one of these law firms, expect to be paying a high fee for their services when served an invoice.

Law Firm Salary

  • Salary: $148,030/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Rate: $71.17/hr (source: BLS)