Model Invoice Template

A model invoice is a billing form used as a means to demand payment for services provided by a modeling agency or an independent model. This invoice can be used if a model is being casted based on time (per hour or per day). It also allows for a model to add additional fees such as travel costs and copyright use.

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What is a Model?

A model is any person, male or female, that is being paid for their time to pose as a visual aid in front of a camera or to be present at an event. There isn’t one definition for a model as models vary in the type of skill set they hold. Some models know how to solely work a camera in a bikini while others can work a runway at a fashion show. A person, whether attractive or not, being paid as a professional to show up for work based on their appearance is considered a model. A Model that appears on video with a speaking role is often considered an actor/actress. Models are often hired based on their physical makeup (height, weight, hair style, eye color, etc.) and how their appearance correlates when in front of a camera.

How to Become a Model

Today there are all kinds of avenues to start your modeling career and getting paid for your services. The most traditional way to become a model is to be scouted by an agent or you can contact a modeling agency yourself. Before you contact an agency, it’s important to measure yourself as they will ask for your measurements. Below are some tips on how to become a model.

  • Find a clean white background, a white clean wall will do. Take 3 clear snapshots of yourself with black fitted clothing. The first photo should be at a 45 degree angle to your left side, the second photo should be straight on, and the third to be at a 45 degree angle to your right side. Repeat the process and take 3 more photos except this time the photos should be taken closer and give different facial expressions.
  • Go online and search the local modeling agencies in your area and submit your pictures/resume online or by mail.
  • When receiving an invite to a modeling agency, a model should go with a slim natural look. Know that once you enter, you will be judged based on your personality and look. Be calm, confident and natural as can be.
  • Try social media. It’s easy and hardly costs any money. With just a smartphone and well lit lighting, you can create your own resume and make yourself accessible to the fashion industry all over the world. With social media, you can be your own boss. The more followers you gain, the more money you can make. Once you have a big enough following, you go from a beginner model to a social media influencer. From bikini models to plus size models, it’s possible to start a career and get noticed using social media.
  • Fashion/commercial models are generally required to be a certain height. Females need to be anywhere between 1.74-1.84 meters tall and males to be 1.85-1.89 meters in height to be considered as a fashion model.
  • Never feel pressured to take naked photos of yourself to get a job. If an agency or a job demands nudity, walk away.
  • If signing a modeling contract, be sure to know every detail especially the percentage the agency takes from your pay.

How Much Do Models Make?

The reality is that most models hardly make any money. There are too many people out there (high demand) seeking modeling jobs that it makes it hard for most people to find consistent work to make a living. Only a select few within the industry can make a quality living from modeling.

What to expect for pay:

Social media posts – Social media models with large follower counts can charge on a per post basis or a model can charge based on the amount of “likes” a post receives. With stories becoming more popular, models can even make money by including advertisements in their stories. Popular items advertised are clothing, makeup, and even local food/restaurants. Photoshoot – Models can expect to be paid anywhere from $100 dollars per hour or even into the thousands for a shoot.