Music Singer Invoice Template

A music singer invoice is a document requesting payment for services provided by a vocalist on a song. This invoice can also be used to bill clients for closely related services such as composing lyrics and melodies.

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What is a Music Singer?

A music singer is a person that sings written words (known as lyrics) accompanied by notes on sheet music. The singing style most often reflects the genre of music they are singing in. Singers often accompany the music of jazz, gospel, pop, rock, and blues. While other genres such as classical and electronic music solely focus on the instruments.

How to Become a Music Singer

Becoming a trained singer usually starts off with classical training. Being able to read sheet music and learning how to sing the notes of the scale with the do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti method is a good start. Like any skill, the voice needs constant practice to keep it “in-tune”. Once you feel that you have a good enough voice to apply it to music, you need to choose which genre of music will best suit your voice. However, in many cases, the genre ultimately ends of picking you, as humans are drawn to sing what they enjoy hearing rather than the genre best suited for their voice. If one is lucky enough, they will discover within themselves a good voice and make a career out of singing music.

How Much Do Singers Make

If you are part of a band or a solo act, it all depends on how many songs you sell (stream) and the concert tickets fans buy. For pure singers, such as studio singers who work by the hour, it depends on the demand for your talent and the number of hours you are willing to work.

  • Salary: $48,882/yr (source:
  • Hourly Rate: $41.46/hr (source: BLS)