Notary Service Invoice Template

The notary invoice is for any acknowledgment service provided by a notary public licensed to perform in the State of authorization. Upon completion of a notary signature, use this invoice to collect payment from the customer.

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What is a Notary?

A notary, short for Notary Public, is a licensed professional that is able to witness (sign) documents which, as a result, gives legal authenticity to documents/forms. By law, most legal documents and contracts require the signature of a witness, sometimes two, in order for the document to be legally binding. A notary public can be found at any banking institution and when approached, they will typically offer their services for free, as long as they are serving a member of their own bank. A person acting as a notary public does not work for the government, but instead, are able to legitimize documents that are recognized by the government to be valid.

Notary Services

When using a notary service, you’ll need to be prepared before the appointment and bring a valid photo ID. Depending on your state, some documents require an additional witness to sign in the presence of the notary public. If the notary public does not have witnesses on staff, you’ll need to bring a witness to the signing. As of recently, you can even complete a notary service online by using your computer’s webcam and sending the documents electronically. A notary service will sign almost any type of document needing a witness, including:

  • Bill of Sale
  • Deeds
  • Last Will and Testament
  • Legal Contracts
  • Power of Attorney Form
  • Promissory Notes

Notary Near Me

The easiest way to complete a notary is by going to a physical location that offers notary services. With over 2 million people licensed as notary publics in the United States, it’s not difficult to find one. Call your bank to see if you can make an appointment. There is probably a notary service right around the corner from where you are. To find, search “Notary Near Me“, which will show listings in your area.

  • Physical Location – Banks, posts offices, an attorney’s office, and even public libraries should have a notary on hand but it’s always best to call beforehand. UPS is known for having a notary at each of its locations. Find one of their locations near you and schedule an appointment.
  • Online – Websites like Notarize and DocVerify allow you to complete a notarization online by using a webcam, scanning your ID, and sending the document electronically.