Pest Control Invoice Template

A pest control invoice is a post-job document used for both formally requesting payment and for providing a comprehensive recap of the pest control services that were performed for a residential client or commercial entity. Pest control companies often need to look back on the exact work that was performed for customers, be it for accounting, legal, or organization reasons.

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What is Pest Control?

Pest control is the practice of removing unwanted insects and animals through chemical and non-chemical means. The common duties pest control technicians and specialists are often responsible for on a daily basis include the following:

  • Complete full-property inspections for signs of pests
  • Determine the type of treatment needed to eliminate pests
  • Calculate quote estimates for the selected treatment(s)
  • Set up traps and / or apply precise or full-property pesticides
  • Install barriers to reduce the likelihood of pests returning

Pesticide Certification Requirements

According to the EPA, to handle pesticides in the United States, a certification must be acquired by a “state, territorial, or tribal authority” for each state in which the pest control company will be operating. Pesticides are classified as a Restricted Use Product (RUP). These are chemicals that cannot be purchased by the general public due to their high potential for injury if misused. For a full list of RUPs, check out the EPA’s Restricted Use Product Summary Report. Typically, pest control companies will apply as a “Commercial Applicator,” as it entails the use of pesticides in and around a variety of buildings, of which “human dwellings” and “industrial establishments” are included. To identify a certifying official (called a “control official”) in the state in which a pest control technician will be using RUPs, the Association of American Pesticide Control Officials has a fifty-state control official list that can be referenced.

Pest Control Worker Salary & Hourly Rate ($/hr)

Salary: $40,640/yr Hourly Rate: $19.54/hr (Source: United States Bureau of Labor Statistics)