Pool Service Invoice Template

A pool service invoice is an official form that allows a pool company to bill a customer (usually on a weekly basis) for the various types of services which can include balancing the chemicals (acid and chlorine), skimming the top and vacuuming the bottom, and emptying the filtered baskets.

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How Much Does Pool Service Cost?

Most pools need to be cleaned on a constant basis, typically weekly. If not, the pool will begin to show signs of algae and bacteria growth. In-ground pools need more than just chemical care due to their pump systems. Pump baskets fill up with leaves, animals (such as mice), and other earthly matter which needs to be cleaned in order for the pool to filter properly. Below are the average pool service package costs per week:

  • Chemical Only Package – Only administers chlorine while also testing the pH levels to assure the pool water is bacteria-free. Good for out-of-ground pools. Costing $10 dollars per/week.
  • Basic Cleaning Package – In addition to chemical treatment, the floor, surface, skimmer, and pump are cleaned. Good for in-ground pools with self-filtering system  $18 dollars per/week

Pool and Spa Certifications

Most states do not require pool maintenance workers to be certified by any type of agency. The only time there are requirements involved is when a pool is open to the public, in which case the pool needs to be registered with the State’s Department of Health and Human Services. Businesses must follow protocols for the minimum standards necessary when maintaining a public pool. Pools of private dwellings and homes are exempt. Even though it’s not required to have a pool maintenance certification, many companies still require the certification upon hire. Below is the leading certification program offered in the industry.

Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA)

The PHTA is the most prominent certification for a pool service company. Although, it does not compare to having a well-known business in your area. A company, re-seller, or distributor may be qualified after submitting the PHTA Application.

  • Application Fee: $230-$599

Pool Technician Salary & Hourly Rate ($/hr)

Salary: $48,000/yr (source: Payscale) Hourly Rate: $19/hr (source: Salary.com)