Pressure Washing Invoice Template

A pressure washing invoice is a paper or digital document used for the accounting and collection of payments for the completion of a variety of pressure washing services. Those in the professional pressure washing industry can specialize in commercial washing (parking garages, pavement, corporate buildings, public property, etc.), or residential pressure washing (homes, porches, barns, equipment, roofs, driveways, etc.). Through the use of an official invoice, pressure washing companies can charge their customers on the hour, by the square foot, or a set fee per job.

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How to Charge for Pressure Washing

Professional pressure washing companies can price their services in several ways, with three (3) methods being the most commonly used in the industry. Hourly – Charging for services on an hourly basis is simple and straightforward. Regardless of the size of the job and other factors, pressure washers can count on the fact that they will be paid duly for the job while leaving the customer with a clear understanding of how the services were priced. Per Square Foot – Another straightforward method of pricing is charging customers by the square foot. To form prices with this method, the company will typically complete several jobs of varying sizes and times. Additionally, the square-foot costs of local pressure washing companies should be researched to ensure the prices set are both profitable and competitive. Flat Rate – Setting a flat rate for each type of service and job size can serve as the most lucrative option for pressure washers. The catch? It can also lead to a loss of profitability if the company doesn’t have their rates set correctly. Companies considering offering their services on set fees need to have a thorough understanding of the time and effort it takes per job, as well as have a range of add-on fees to account for the time it takes to drive to residences and work sites as well as other special circumstances. Pricing Factors

  • Travel time (to and from company to the job site)
  • Square footage of the area to be cleaned
  • Accessibility of the area
  • Delicacy of the surface
  • Required level of preparation (blocking drains, covering areas, etc.)
  • Chemicals used

Pressure Washer Salary & Hourly Rate ($/hr)

Salary: $28,384/yr (source: ZipRecruiter) Hourly Rate: $14/hr (source: ZipRecruiter)