Restaurant Invoice Template

A restaurant invoice bills customers for food and/or drinks that were ordered and delivered. The invoice requires customers to pay immediately upon receiving the bill before leaving the restaurant. Restaurants typically accept payment in both credit card (through POS systems) and cash, with digital payment methods being rare with the exception of food delivery services and certain chains. Food Invoice Template – For billing clients and customers for food only (not including services).

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What to Include in a Restaurant Invoice

The most important part of a restaurant invoice is a section that allows for the listing of every type of food and/or drinks ordered as well as the unit cost of each. Because some orders may include ten plus (10+) line items, a large table should be central to the bill. The sum of the entire order should be listed at the bottom of the table as well as the taxes, an area for a tip to be written (either percentage or dollar amount), any discounts, a spot for add-on expenses (reserved seating, special occasions, etc.), and an area for including the total amount due. The invoice should also include the restaurant’s address and a minimum of one (1) type of contact information. A phone number is most often used, although an email address can work equally well. Including the customer’s address is impractical and unnecessary unless the customer is a routine client that is ordering commercial-sized orders. Additionally, terms are often not included as the client will be expected to pay upon receiving the invoice. However, for large orders for business clients, sending an invoice after-the-fact with terms of seven (7) or thirty (30) days is not uncommon. Finally, including an area for notes about the order is highly suggested.

Best Restaurant POS Systems

A POS (Point of Sale) system is the brain behind charging and accepting payments from customers to a restaurant and other food and retail industries. Having a comprehensive and easy-to-utilize system can ensure employees are doing the right thing, improves restaurant efficiency, and can provide greater customer satisfaction due to the additional services that may be offerable. The following are recommended POS systems for new and established restaurants alike:

Toast POS

  • Base pricing: $79/month
  • Features: Supports Android, allows for checks to be split, and very user-friendly


  • Base Pricing: $69/month
  • Features: Cloud-based, 24/7 customer service, great for eCommerce


  • Base Pricing: $69/month
  • Features: Great customer support, all-in-one system, reasonable credit card transaction fees


  • Base Pricing: $69/month
  • Features: iPad based system, highly intuitive, good for small to medium-sized businesses