Staffing Agency Invoice Template

A staffing agency invoice is for companies that match prospective employees with businesses that have one (1) or more roles to fill. Staffing agencies often charge their clients based upon the referred employee’s salary, taking anywhere from twenty to fifty percent (20-50%) of the employee’s first year of salary.

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What is a Staffing Agency?

A staffing agency is a company that takes on the role of hiring employees for a company. This includes conducting interviews, sifting through applications, and matching them with applicable companies. Staffing agencies can fill short-term, contractual, and long-term positions. They can also assist in finding novice entry-level positions t0 finding a fully capable person to take on the role of a CEO or other company officer. Staffing agencies often allow out-of-work individuals, as well as contractors, to “register” with their database. This makes the staffing agency’s job significantly easier by allowing them to conduct a simple search to find an ideal candidate.

Staffing Agency vs. Employment Agency

Staffing agencies are:

  • Always privately run, whereas employment agencies can be a service through the government (or also privately run);
  • Typically focused on a single niche or industry, whereas employment agencies can work across industries;
  • More focused on shorter work positions, whereas employment agencies typically cater to more full-time work; and
  • Staffing agencies often hire the employee themselves (and pay their salary), whereas the employment agency doesn’t.

Although they have their differences, staffing and employment agencies both act as the “middlemen” in helping qualified job candidates fill an open work position.