Towing Service Invoice Template

A towing service invoice is used to collect payment for any vehicle that is to be transported from one location to another, voluntarily or involuntarily. If the car is towed due to being unlawfully parked, the owner of the vehicle will typically have between 20 to 30 days to pick up and pay for the vehicle before it’s sold by the towing service. The invoice is usually calculated by adding the loading fee multiplied by the number (#) of miles from one (1) location to another. If the vehicle remained at the tow company’s lot for a period of days then there may be additional fees.

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How Much is a Tow?

The price for a tow varies based on the locality, with fees being broken down into two (2) parts:

  • Base/Hookup Fee – $50-$175
  • Delivery Distance – $2-$5/mile

If the vehicle is being towed due to vehicle maintenance purposes, the driver of the vehicle being towed is able to get a ride to the destination for free. A tow is required to be paid either at the time of vehicle delivery or when the owner is coming to pick it up.

Roadside Assistance

Some towing companies offer roadside assistance if the issue with the vehicle can be resolved at the location. There is usually a flat fee for this type of service and may include:

  • Changing a flat tire (if space is available);
  • Unlocking a door (if keys are in the vehicle);
  • Winching (pull vehicle if stuck);
  • Changing the vehicle’s battery; and
  • Jump-starting a dead battery.

Roadside Assistant Programs

If a driver would like to plan in the event they will ever need a tow in the future, he or she can subscribe to a monthly or annual membership for such circumstances. Most roadside assistant programs are available 24/7 or whenever an individual breaks down or needs a tow. For all programs, there are limits to the distance and how many calls can be made during a fixed period.

Membership Clubs

  • AAA – 3 programs ranging from $67 to $130/yr offering up to four (4) tows and includes roadside assistance.
  • AARP – $64/yr includes roadside assistance.
  • Geico – $14/yr per vehicle.
  • State Farm – $4.56 add-on if you already have insurance coverage.

Tow Truck Driver Salary & Hourly Rate